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    Bothy adventure with Duncan McCall

    Regular #weekendings contributor Duncan McCall shares his inspiration for a recent solo Bothy adventure on the Isle of Raasay


    "I absolutely adore experiencing the vast empty places of the world. The peace and quiet, isolation and beautiful landscapes are fantastic for both body and mind.​"



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    Gather Outdoors started late in 2015. Following the passing of founder Tim's Dad, he reflected on special bond they shared from time spent together in the hills. Whilst pondering how to help others make the more of the great outdoors, he  came across Oru Kayaks. These incredible folding craft were the perfect vehicle for new outdoor experiences, fitting into modern lives as neatly as they store under the stairs.


    The first year prompted the realisation that brands aren't truly cool if they exploit people or planet, leading Gather to double down on working with folk that get it. People with a story.


    We're now gathering solutions that help our community live fulfilling and sustainable outdoor lives.


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  • Ambassadors

    "Surround yourself with people who make you happy. People who make you laugh, who help you when you’re in need. People who genuinely care." Karl Marx

    You’re most likely to find me in the Peaks, but I’m up for anything, anywhere.


    Recently decided I need to work outside again, so have trained up with chainsaw/forestry qualifications over the last year.


    I’ve just attempted a long ride, wild camping along the way around the most northern tip of Scotland, but sadly had to cut it short due to an old injury, see #stupidscotlandtrip


    Lewis also runs Coupland’s Outfit & Supply, all manner of classic retro outdoor stuff.

    Nothing too fast or extreme; taking in nature rather than trying to conquer it


    I shoot all sorts of things, from portraits to cycling to food and sometimes all of those things at the same time.


    Dream job would either be jumping in a bike team car for a month or two or being paid to potter about places on my bike meeting people, hearing their stories and snapping their faces. I like faces.


    Liz is Lifestyle Editor at Oh Comely magazine.

    Good things and a life well led


    I run a blog called the All Night Listening Post which focuses on menswear, adventure, design and gear. It's a mix of product stuff, long form posts and field reports. It's been going about a year now it's starting to pick up pace...


    Arran can regularly be found prowling the woods on the seven hills of Sheffield, carrying a large axe.

    Punk Rock Runner, designer, cyclist, dog keeper, coffee entrepreneur


    I moved to London after Uni and am slowly working my way to smaller and smaller places, the end goal being a Snowdonian cabin.


    Ant is a graphic designer who likes nothing more than being away from his computer out in the fresh air running, riding or just sitting in front of a fire.



    Ant designed the Gather logo. He's quite good at that sort of thing.


    I walk, camp, mountain bike, explore and take photos


    A Graphic/Web designer living in Bakewell. I'm originally from Leicester, but whilst studying in Sheffield I found work in Derbyshire and made the move there once I graduated.


    I love the outdoors, which I'm sure is something we all share, and spend as much time as I can outside.


    Jack curates an outstanding instagram feed and narrates an excellent adventure in his blog.


    Lover of blue skies, climbing, mountains, snow, trees and green fields​


    My favourite place to be is outside, either near my current home in the South Downs or across the UK, usually with 1 to 4 dogs in tow.


    I spend as much time as I can on and around rocks and mountains, and think of North Wales as my second home...


    Nikki is embarking on a series of outdoor challenges in the coming year to really take her out of her comfort zone. We hope to take the edge off the un-comfort!


    Keep up on her blog.

    I like the outdoors, brown drinks and the smell of woodsmoke in the morning​


    A Yorkshireman currently in exile in Worcester.


    I'm employee 002 and one sixth of BeerBods, the world's best online beer club and subscription service.


    Sourdough aficionado, Gordon can bake up pretty much anything, anywhere. He is our camp cooking hero.


    Creative mover. Outdoor explorer. Father.​


    Northerner, now based in South West. Always happiest outdoors. I love doing new things, taking risks, collaborating and planning new adventures.


    Bikes, climbing, running, coffee, good beer and bread. Dog owner.


    Sean is the founder of Bristol's Rewildrunning - for creative outsiders.


    Dan Burgess

    Bricoleur, Creative Catalyst, Designer, Dad,​

    My work mashes creativity and collaboration in pursuit of a more beautiful world, through Swarm and Good for Nothing


    I’ve been re-wilding myself for much of the last decade. An outdoor environmental educator and champion of nature inspired leadership through the Bio-Leadership Project


    Dad of three, home is now Bath, I travel often and spend as much time as possible in the woods and the waves.

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