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The huge responsibility of Three Little Words

You love us. We're not talking Edwards era Manic Street Preachers here, you actually do seem to love us. Which is pretty amazing, profoundly humbling, massively inspiring and a big responsibility. Sharing, and a more mindful approach to consumption, has really engaged at an emotional level.
Gather is naturally in tune with the vogue for Lean Startups. Fail fast they said. Learn and iterate they said. Minimum Viable Product they said. Its such a mantra that even in 2012, Do Lectures attendees joked about MVP bingo. Though to be honest, at the time the term was entirely novel, not having the tech background of so many of our fellow Doers.
But of course the MVP has iterated. It's in it's DNA. Those clever folk at the Happy Startup School came up with the Minimum Loveable Product, which has a certain ring to it. However (confession time) it sounded a bit too good to be true. A bit Emperors New Clothes. But we bought in none the less, and wrote those three little words in the website copy, not entirely believing they were true, or understanding their import.
And then we got bombed. Love bombed. That was pretty much the only feedback we got:
“Love it”.
From everyone. Adventurers. Industry experts. Urban explorers. Business gurus. Well, almost everyone. We did get a couple of divergent views:
“Fucking awesome”
Though the award for dictionary regurgitation went to:
“Caputures the zeitgeist”
So, we are probably onto a good thing. Maybe. Of course, only the most rabid of trolls are going to dash the spirit of a fledgeling entrepreneur. But so far we've not been trolled once. Not even when we told the cider guys that we prefer hops to rotting apples.
To hear more about our journey and the ethical challenges we're just coming to terms with, hop onto our newsletter for more on the ethical dilemma's we're grappling with as we chart a mindful path through capitalism and consumption. 
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