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Rumpl blankets

Game changing blankets, perfect for sharing your After It reflections with your loved one(s).

As founding stories go, Rumpl's is pretty special. And uniquely Rumpl.

Founding partners Wylie and Nick were mid way through a Californian surf and ski trip back in 2013, camping in their car way down a dirt road next to a hot spring.

The pair showed an admirable commitment to the good life when their car refused to start one freezing morning, they decided NOT to hike out to civilisation. Instead, they tucked up in their sleeping bags and cracked open the whiskey, waiting more in hope than expectation for some jump leads to turn up.

We can only assume it took them a fair while to get back on the road, as by the time they did, talk had turned to how cozy delights of their sleeping bags infinitely beat those offered by traditional blankets and duvets back home. A vision of cool modern homewares, that could transition easily between home and away was born. Theirs was a blanket that could provide 'home comforts' wherever you happened to make your home that night.

You can probably hazard a decent guess at what followed. Next stop was to take the concept direct to the people, via the medium of Kickstarter. This is one of the reasons we love brands like Rumpl and Oru Kayak: once they have a vision, they are not about to let any industry executives tell them they have it wrong. They know they are right and they go straight to folk who agree with them.

We just missed out on backing their kickstarter campaign, but imported one of their blankets into the UK a couple of years back, at vast expense once we'd covered shipping and import taxes. Its proved to be a firm favourite in our previous vanlife and now on getaways in our vintage caravan. Warm on a cold night, but surprisingly cool in hot weather, and the soft sheen of the fabric feels gorgeous next to your skin.. That was something we didn't expect given the usual soft cotton lining of sleeping bags.

Very much like ourselves, Rumpl are activity agnostic: they care as much about hardcore mountaineers as they do yoga mummies. They simply aim to provide a comfortable and familiar environment for 'After It', their term for the super important bit once you're kicking back and reflecting on a day well spent.

We're offering Rumpl in the gorgeous Deepwater Blue and firey Iron Orange. The colourways give a retro feel, enhanced with contrast trim and fabulous stitching that implies waves, movement and mountains.

These are available in Throw 50”x70” and Twin 60”x80”.

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