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In conversation with Another Escape's Rachel Maria Taylor

Chats with the creative adventurers contributing to Adventurous Ink

When we first got in touch with Another Escape about Adventurous Ink, we got a reply like none we've ever had...

"Sorry for the quick reply" was Rachel's hasty response in the teeth of a publishing deadline. At that, we knew we had to work together, though given their approach, collaborating with them was only a matter of time.

"Another Escape is an outdoor lifestyle, creative culture and sustainable living publication that explores the stories of passionate people, alluring landscapes and intriguing ideas."

Which sounds so perfectly attuned to the Gather ethos. We pinned down Rachel, editor and co-founder, for the inside line on how they interpret the thrilling brief they've set themselves.

Why have you chosen to focus on the outdoors?

The natural world greatly inspires us, and there is a strong creative community of enthusiasts who share in this love for the great outdoors and our passion to preserve and protect it. Another Escape celebrates the stories of passionate people, it triumphs considered ways of living, and encourages a life closer to nature.

Tell us about the approach you take to publishing.

In each volume we explore a theme, within which we unravel the stories of passionate people, delve into topical ideas, and explore alluring landscapes. We intend for all our features to be inspiring, whilst celebrating the everyday as well as the epic.

We publish twice a year, which allows us the time to really consider our content and bring together a strong set of stories. To create this, we work with a strong network of contributors, many who are regular, from around the globe.

Are you trying to sum up a particular essence or experience?

Through the content and format of the magazine, we look to take our readers on a journey: we want it to feel adventurous and uplifting, yet calm and fluid. It is this feeling that we want to translate and for our reader to feel as they thumb through the pages.

Do you find the outdoors helps with the creative process?

The great outdoors and creativity are undeniably linked. And there certainly is a community around this shared love for the outdoors and the creative ingenuity it inspires. This is far from a new concept: the great outdoors has long provided inspiration, encouraged new ways of thinking, and provided respite to unwind and slow down.

Whats the favourite story you've published?

Oh, it is too difficult to pick just one. And many of the stories are strong for different reasons: sometimes it’s because we are afforded these incredible windows into the lives of others; sometimes we get the chance to meet some incredible people doing amazing things; other times it is the way the article communicates a particular message to our readers.

Some of my favourites include: talking to permaculture expert Mike Feingold (Vol.1); inuit kayak building with Kiliii Yu in the Pacific Northwest (Vol.3); traditional Korean paper- making with Aimee Lee (vol. 3); a conversation with hiking boot maker Peter Limmer (vol. 5); home oases and indoor jungles (vol.7); fossil hunting with John Morris (vol.7); and hiking the Faroe Islands’ mountain peaks with Pól Sundsskarð (Vol. 8).

Tell us your best personal adventure.

Again, this would be far too tough to pick just one. A momentous one was during my childhood: my grandparents took me on a road trip through California, Nevada, and Arizona, USA. Upon until this point, I’d only ever known the British countryside and its sporadic patches of woodland (and there wasn’t Instagram and its endless threads of dreamy landscapes); I had no idea that such vast and dense untamed nature could exist until I visited North America. This trip changed my perception and gave me a real taste for the great outdoors.

Where's the one place you'd love to go?

The list is as long as my arm, but somewhere at the top is the Lofoten Islands, Norway. The next question is whether to go in the summer or winter – Northern Lights or midnight sun?

Thanks for getting involved we love a collaboration. Who have you enjoyed
collaborating with?

We are currently working on an exciting new collaboration with Under The Skin ( – it’s still a work in progress but you can check it out at Also, we had loads of fun working with Rural Kind ( to create our leather journal (

We love collaborating and skill swapping; it is always a fantastic opportunity to learn new skills and work in new ways.

We for sure can't wait for one of these beutiful productions to start heading out to subscribers, and hearing what adventure it inspires.

You can still back Adventurous Ink on Kickstarter, where it's live until 10pm Wednesday 4th January, with monthly deliveries beginning at the end of the month.

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