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In the Fifteenth Century, when a lady or gentleman had reached a position of some import, they would commission an oil portrait so future generations could appreciate the long shadow of their stature.

The launch of our first ever collaborative product, a custom backpack with Trakke bags, is an important stage on our startup journey and one we want to celebrate. A beautiful heirloom item like their waxed cotton pack deserves to be immortalised.

So just as our Renaissance ancestors did, we want someone to illustrate our new backpack. To give as everyone the chance to get involved, we're running this as a competition. The lucky winner gets to keep the first ever Gather x Trakke prototype and goes right to the front of the queue for future commissions to illustrate Gather products and projects.

To enter, drop an email to who will send you a full colour image of the mystery pack.

You don't need to be a professional artist, though we may want to work with you again in future.

Submissions are welcome in any medium. They must be submitted as a high quality digital copy by midday on Sunday 5th March.

The winning entry will be used in promotional material for the pack, with rights shared between the artist, Gather and Trakke. All entries may be shared via social media during the deliberation process..

Header picture credit: Gustav Jahn [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

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