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Iconic design. Outstanding utility

The last landrover rolled off the Solihull production line today. Like many of you, we'll be sad to see them stop making this icon of British design.

The owners of Jaguar Land Rover point to the fact that is now 'uneconomic' to produce. Plus there are regulatory challenges on emissions and pedestrian safety. They also promise a replacement, that is...

...more desirable to look at.”

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but we'd bet the replacement is less attractive. It certainly wont be a design icon.

Land Rover are an outstanding example of design and utility. It's a crossover we wholeheartedly support. Everything we sell is chosen because it's slap bang in the sweet spot of being really useful AND a great design.

Now we know this is niche. We know we are a tiny band of obsessives. But we dont think that makes us uneconomic. If Jaguar Land Rover wanted, they could continue production. They could addresss the emissions and the safety with some modest changes, and still keep the essence of Land Rover: the exposed rivets, durable panels, boxy exterior and antiquated driving experience. But of course they wont. Because they don't care.

Who gives a toss about tradition? Who cares about craft? Design? Durability? That is not in the vocabulary of the bean counters.

Make no mistake, this is a decision that has been taken on the basis of beans. Not emotions. Or respect. It's cold. And hard.

We're not big fans of cold or hard. We don't take decisions based on numbers. We think there is still space in the world for durable design and utility to unite and spread joy in peoples lives. We want stuff that can take a knock and still look good. That can wear a repair and be better because of it.

Luckily, we are not alone. We've  scoured the country unearthing amazing UK outdoor brands, crafting away in cottages, barns and workshops, manufacturing stuff they care about. Stuff you can love. We will tell you all about them in our new series coming soon: March of the Makers. Here's a sneak...

Picture credits: Flickr users Landrover MENA & Spanish Coches
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