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Our Social Divided saves 20% on everything

There is a shop in Bradford with a massive vinyl hoarding obscuring the entire shop front offering free beer. Only they aren’t. There is some annoying small print saying something like “Not really, but now we’ve got your attention…”

As customer recruitment strategies go, making them annoyed straight off, probably isn’t your best strategy.

And now here we are, offering free beer to all our customers. Sorry, we’ll say that again…

Its true, and whilst we have some small print of our own, we hope it’s a lot less annoying: we’re actually giving cash back to our customers. You don’t have to spend it on beer.

Despite the fact that we chose April Fools Day to tell the world about this, it’s no joke. It’s not a time limited gimmick either. All our customers will be able to get 20% off our stuff, just by sharing it with their friends.

Social dividend payments are totally in keeping with our wish to make outstanding products more affordable through sharing. Previously this was limited to our Crew Buy. Now we are proud to say that folk who share can get a minimum of 20% off, rising to closer to 90% in some cases. We think that’s pretty amazing.

This is what we mean by being Bold. By being Social. We need to get the word out there about our products, but we’re doing that our own way. Instead of paying a marketing agency, or sponsoring posts on social media, we want the benefit to flow back to our community. You probably gathered we blend a dash socialism into the capitalist cocktail. Redistributing wealth like this is one we stole from old man Marx.

And we’re doing it Mindfully. There are no labourers being exploited on foreign shores to allow us to pile it high and sell it cheap. We keep the quality high whilst finding social ways to bring the price down.

So why the beer angle? Well we do actually want folk to show our kit off down the pub. In the same way that a Crew Buy gives friends more reason to hang out together, we’re hoping we can persuade a few more folk down the pub to start plotting their next adventure.

Because at the end of the day, having a lark with your friends outdoors is what it’s all about.

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