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Adventure is out there

Adventure, like art and music, is subjective. There are no win/lose binary certainties. There is no absolute definition: its all in the mind.

Email subscribers will know we value fun above all else outdoors. Maybe even before style, function and sustainability. Its one of our core criteria when selecting products: can folk have fun with this?

Take our kayaks, they are totally touring and proud. Want to prove your mettle on some gnarly Grade 4 Rapids? These are not the kayaks you are looking for. Want to enjoy a downstream paddle on a sunny evening, finish with a pint and catch the bus home? We've got your back.

We're here for creative adventurers. Folk who can find adventure round every corner, even well worn routes like their daily commute or the running circuit. They can find it, because they are open to it. Sponges not stones, as Withnail's Uncle Monty would have it.

GK Chesterton had a great way of summing it up:

“An adventure is only an inconvenience rightly considered. An inconvenience is only an adventure wrongly considered.” 

Which is why we are such fans of Al Humphreys, inventor of the Microadventure or at least it's greatest exponent. He's a god in our eyes. Or he was. Now he's more fallen idol, given his flirtation Grand Adventures in his latest book.

Al! Don't be tempted by the dark side like all those 'other' adventure writers. We love that you wrote the manual to experiencing adventures on your doorstep without risking life and limb, or an arm and a leg.

This last week I had the pleasure of experiencing adventure through the eyes of my little girl. She's two. We took a trip to the local stately home, picnicked in the grounds and ventured across some stepping stones across a little stream. After a couple of crossings being hoisted from step to step she decided to walk the steps herself holding my hand.

This was a real adventure for her. Jumping for joy sounds like one of those cliche's that no-one actually does. Unless you are two. She was wild with excitement at having done something a tiny bit adventurous.

We didn't go more than 10 minutes from home. No epic trip. No longest, highest, furthest or fastest. Yet still it was the most fun, as all adventures should be.

Grand horizons are great, but most of us only venture there occasionally, and life demands to be lived to the full everyday. Luckily for us, the outdoors provides endless opportunities for adventure, as our #weekendings hashtag shows every week. We love seeing what everyone gets up to, and share that to show that our community are adventuring everywhere from the highest peaks to the corner of their street, and everywhere in between.

We still think Al's Micro Adventures is a great gateway to adventure. If you've not read it, you really should, go liberate your 'inner fool'. Which is why we price matched it with Amazon. And you can still earn 20% social divided back with a couple of shares on social media.

Picture credit: Liz Seabrook one of many #gatherpeople

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